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There are a number of specific carpal tunnel exercises that have been developed to help eliminate the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. They are simple exercises that address the muscles of the hands and wrists in order to restore the muscles' natural balance that often gets "out of whack" due to excessive repetitive and/or static flexion activities. When muscles are overused, they become short and tight, losing their ability to function properly. By performing simple corrective exercises to restore balance between muscle groups, function can return to normal, and injuries prevented. When addressing carpal tunnel syndrome, restoring balance to the muscles surrounding the wrist joints can reduce compression of the median nerve and help eliminate the disabling symptoms that are associated with it.

Computers and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Common Carpal Tunnel Exercises, Programs and Products

There are a variety of exercises, programs and carpal tunnel exercise devices on the market that claim to eliminate the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Many of the routines are simple and short, while others are long and complicated or involve exercises and stretches that are known to exacerbate present symptoms. So, how do you know which programs, exercises or products to use?

First, make sure that the products, training programs or exercises address muscle imbalances in the hands and wrists. If they address the entire upper extremity, including the upper arm, shoulder, and back, that is even better. The more balanced muscles are, the more likely it is that an injury will not occur.

Second, be sure that the programs or products utilize extension and finger abduction exercises and do not involve squeezing, gripping or other flexion type exercises as these types of movements are already overused on a daily basis. In fact, excessive flexion, gripping, squeezing and holding objects is one of the main reasons carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in the first place.


Third, be sure that the programs, exercises or products involve active stretching and strengthening movements that are performed simultaneously. (Stretches must address the flexor/adductor muscles of the hand while the exercises need to address the extensor/abductor and pronator/supinator muscles of the hand.

And last but not least, if it hurts to do it while doing it, don't do it! Post exercise soreness is normal and ok, and is NOT the same as pain WHILE performing an exercise. Of course, be sure that you consult your physician before beginning any type of exercise program to be sure that it is right for you.

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