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In the past years, starting with a magnificent therapist in the field of Physical Therapy named, Janet Travell, it has been found that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, for most all patients, is a simple case of muscle imbalance. There is no reason for the thousands of surgeries, injections or wrist braces, as these do not treat the underlying cause of muscle imbalance and therefore have an embarrassingly low rate for success.

If you take the time to go on-line and review the position of the extensor muscles located on the backside of your hand, you will clearly see that they were naturally designed to hold open the palm of your hand and counter-balance the opposing muscle group called the flexor muscles located on the palm side of your hand. You can clearly see how strong and thick this muscle group is in comparison to the extensor muscles. When the opposing flexor muscles are out of balance due to their constant overuse, the extensor muscles are not able to do the job they were designed to do and your hand literally (specifically the carpal bones) collapses within itself. The carpal tunnel canal is approximately the size of a dime and has nine flexor tendons, a median nerve, radial artery, blood and lymphatic vessels all passing through it. There is very little room for error, so when the extensor muscles are unable to do their job and hold open the hand, the carpal tunnel is immediately affected. Even the smallest squeeze on the carpal canal begins the debilitating cycle of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Most medical doctors, and conventional medicine as a whole, have failed miserably to truly help the public with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other such repetitive strain injuries. This fact is well supported by testimony from thousands of unhappy patients who feel ripped-off by therapists that have had them ride a stationary bike and squeeze a ball, only making symptoms worse; to surgeons who perform Carpal Tunnel Surgery as if it were a run a fast food drive-thru. Carpal Tunnel Surgery has become such a “racket” that even cosmetic surgeons are claiming to be hand and wrist experts, performing thousands of carpal tunnel surgeries each year. And in fact, it all comes down to the great American dollar.

In most cases, your local doctor and therapist are familiar with the treatment of muscle imbalances, however the process is so entirely simple, fast and effective, they do not make enough income when prescribing this form of therapy. Therefore, it is in their best interest to prescribe for you a more expensive, painful, short-lived treatment, which will require more visits, post-therapy treatments and in the end, hundreds of thousands of dollars more income in their pockets from you and your insurance company.

Computers and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

However, not all doctors are out to line their own pockets. With careful search and study, you can find magnificent doctors and therapists that prescribe non-invasive forms of therapy like stretches for your overly restrictive flexor muscles and strengthening exercises for the underdeveloped extensor muscles of the hand and wrist – simple and effective treatments that will work best for you and your lifestyle.

Research muscle imbalance and how it affects Carpal Tunnel, and be prepared to interview your doctor and find out if they use the treatments that work for the patient, or the ones that work best for them. Ask questions and expect answers.

It is no longer OK to just accept whatever treatment is prescribed. With the use of the Internet and the tremendous amount of studies proving the effectiveness of treating Carpal Tunnel as a muscle imbalance, it is in your best interest to know as much as you can before settling on what your doctor has prescribed for you, especially if it is invasive treatments like cortisone or surgery.

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Author: Staff Writer - RR

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