Celebrity Testimonials - The Amazing Effects of FLEXTEND®






I want to thank Balance Systems for two of their products that have truly made a difference in my life:

* The first product I want to mention is FLEXTEND , because I not only jack a 3400lb. Stock Car on Sundays, but I also type on a keyboard during the week. The results from using FLEXTEND have helped me in two areas:
  • I have increased my grip strength by 40%,
  • and I find that the aches and pains of everyday typing have gone away for good.
This product works, so give FLEXTEND a try and see the results for yourself!

* The second product I want to mention is the COLDFLEX , " Self-Cooling " Compression Wrap. This product is " AWESOME " period!! It's easy, convenient and best of all, no mess or odor.

I use COLDFLEX every night after a race and after pit practice as well. The little aches and pains suffered by stiffness is just not there anymore. This product soothes gently and won't shock the muscle like most common ice packs do. I highly recommend this product to not only athletes of all types, but to the everyday working man and woman. If you have a hobby that requires physical activity then you want to keep some COLDFLEX around.

Parts Manager / Jackman
Robert Yates Racing
UPS # 88 - Dale Jarrett

PRCA Pro Bull Rider, Nathan Owen,

I am a very happy user of your great line of products. I have been competing professionally for the last six years, and in that time I have sustained quite a few injuries to my shoulders and other areas of my body. FLEXTEND® has been a great addition to my strength training routine in helping me to rehab and build up strength in my shoulder and wrist areas. Also recently I started to use the COLDFLEX® wrap to ice my shoulders after injury, which has been the best thing I have found as far as ease of use and it's ability to stay in place while you ice with compression. I am very happy with the support that I have gotten along the way with exercise routines and ideas to better my riding skill.

Thanks again,

PRCA Pro Bull Rider

Australian, Simon Tree - Bronc Rider, Photographer and Writer

Australian, Simon Tree - Bronc Rider, Photographer and Writer.
Simon's story
Simon fractured the scaphoid bone in his left hand when he came off a horse in the practice pen. The wrist was put into a cast for six weeks. Two days after the removal of the cast a horse fell on him and subsequently, Simon injured the wrist again. Despite wearing a cast for another 6 weeks, Simon's wrist did not heal. His wrist movement was limited in all directions and putting weight on it such as pushups with palms down caused pain and couldn't be done. One Doctor he spoke to mentioned, "If the scaphoid bone did not knit, the fractured fragment of bone would not receive adequate blood flow and would slowly degenerate. An operation would be the only option to repair it." Instead of surgery, Simon chose to strap his left hand when competing and used his right hand for most chores, trying anything to avoid re-injury and pain. Favoring his damaged left hand for several years has strengthened the right side of his body, ultimately affecting his control and balance.

Simon has been using FLEXTEND® for a few weeks now and here's what he has to say: "Using the FLEXTEND® glove has fired up muscles in my wrist which have not been used in a long time. I have felt the benefits right away and I think I am also regaining movement in my joint. It is strengthening that entire side of my body and I can do more exercises at the gym than I have in several years. I just can not believe the difference!!!"

** Simon has qualified for the APRA National Finals Rodeo six times, won the 2001 RSA Championship and is the 2002 APRA Victoria State Saddlebronc Champion. Not only does Simon ride broncs, his photos and articles have appeared the Aussie Post, The Border Mail, APRA Rodeo News, Australian Horseman, Rodeo in Australia and many local & state wide newspapers. , The Border Mail, APRA Rodeo News, Australian Horseman, Rodeo in Australia and many local & state wide newspapers. Simon and his wife, Michelle, run the #1 Australian Rodeo Web site, www.rodeowild.com.au packed with great photos and information!

NOTE: To continue following Simon's progress while he uses FLEXTEND®, visit the Rodeo Wild web site regularly. Michelle will be updating their site with the latest progress and comments about Simon and FLEXTEND! **

Albert Hannemann - Pro-Volleyball

Dear Flextend,

Thanks for the gloves. The first time I used them I was very skeptical, as I didn't think I could improve my hand strength. I have been playing professional beach volleyball for 7 years and am very hesitant on using new forms of training or new methods to improve my performance. I thought that my training techniques and "old school" methods were the best.

I can honestly say that after using the gloves for only 3 weeks my game improved and my hands were much stronger and more flexible. Much of my sport relies on hand strength and my competitors are now reaching for the gloves. I am excited to start this season knowing that I am ahead of my opponents and that the gloves really do work.

Thanks again

Albert Hannemann

Tony Braunagel, Musician,
Producer and Actor

Tony Braunagel, Musician, Producer and Actor

"I have been playing drums for over 35 years. I have a very broad resume of touring and playing on many records. Over the years I have had to play with anything from hard driving dynamics to a quiet and subtle approach to the drum kit. Along the way I have had some pain, and sometimes it was almost debilitating. Painkillers are never the answer.

I have used Chiropractic, Kinesiology, and Acupuncture to help me through the years, as well as I started to lift weights. When I ran into "Big Rich" Bracke at an event and he showed me the gloves, I was very intrigued. I started using them right away as a warm up before I play. There is an amazing difference in the instant feeling I get when I play now that I follow this regimen and I almost never have pain anymore. I'm hooked, and I think that keyboard players, guitarists, percussionists, and bass players, especially upright, could benefit from using the Flextend gloves."

Thank You,
Tony Braunagel

Stuart Sprung - NASCAR


As a professional race truck driver in a NASCAR Weekly Racing Series, coordination and strength in my hands is vital. The sustained high speeds we run in my Chevy Silverado translate small movements on the steering wheel into big movements on the track. As fatigue sets in, so does loss off coordination.

Balance Systems, Inc.'s FLEXTEND Gloves have not only increased my grip strength, they have improved and prolonged the fast-twitch muscle coordination in my forearm and hands. I found that with usage of the FLEXTEND Gloves, I control my truck smoother, and am far less prone to overcorrecting when faced with the need for sudden movement, such as avoiding a crash

Hours of forearm exercises in the gym cannot compare the increase in grip strength I have gained from FLEXTEND gloves. With minimal usage every few days, I noticed a big difference. I even noticed that during daily routines such as shaking hands, it actually felt as though people had "smaller" hands.

No more "wet noodle" handshakes!

Stuart Sprung #77
Professional Race Truck Driver in the NASCAR Weekly Racing

Dennis Asche - Professional Fighter in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and NHB/P Pankration

"Using the FLEXTEND has helped push the strength in my hands to a new level. The FLEXTEND has also built up the tendon strength I need to prevent injury during training. For grappling, grip strength is essential, and from using the FLEXTEND, my hands grip tighter and I can hold on longer.this is a winning edge in competition."

"As a striker I have less injuries to the small joints in my hands due to the use of FLEXTEND. The strengthening of the tendons and muscles in the hand, wrist and forearm is a key to injury prevention. In addition, the ability to make my fist more compact, allows me to strike harder and faster." Whether you are a Boxer, Kick Boxer or Grappler, or just utilize your hands extensively for any sport, using the FLEXTEND will give you the winning edge."


Dennis Asche

Sports Professional, Trooper Johnson

(Trooper Johnson has 9 Gold Medals, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze from International competition. ) Read Trooper Johnson's Biography

Trooper Johnson.

Trooper Johnson Sets New World Record: Trooper climbed El Capitan again on Thursday July 20th, 2000 for charity and did it in 38 Hours! Check out the pictures of Trooper on the climb.

March l, 2OOO

Thank you for sending out the FLEXTEND gloves, as you can imagine, wheelchair sports can be very taxing on the hands and wrists. Over the years I have had many hand and wrist injuries due to repeated stress and the great demands I put on my hands to get me up and down the court. I have been using the gloves for a few months now and I can really feel a difference in the power and strength in my hands and wrists. Also, I've noticed that the pain that I had from previous injuries has diminished. This year I will be climbing El Capitan as part of a fundraiser for a local hospital; The climb will force me to do over 3000 pull-ups within a short amount of time. You can be sure that the FLEXTEND gloves will be included in my training for the climb.

Thank you,

Trooper Johnson

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder,
Garrett Downing

(Garrett Downing as seen in Muscle & Fitness July 2000)

Garrett Downing.


Prior to using FLEXTEND I had trouble with my grip strength. Exercises like the dead-lift and dead-hang pull-ups were extremely difficult because my grip would give out.

Within 2 weeks of my using the FLEXTEND I had a noticeable gain of grip strength poundage's that use to require the assistance of straps that I could now do without. I owe it all to FLEXTEND.

I also noticed a marked difference in definition in my forearm. For a competitive bodybuilder this is a must. FLEXTEND has not only helped me be a better bodybuilder but has helped relieve the stiffness and sometimes numbing feeling I would get in my hands.

Thanks so much,

Garrett Downing
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

DeWayne McKnight of George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars previously known as George Clinton and the Funkadelics

World class musician; DeWayne McKnight.

Wow man!!!
This is the one. A million thanks for the FLEXTEND glove system. For a long time now I've been looking for an exercise system that works this way. This is now my second week working with the system. The more I do, the better it gets.

The problem I had with my fingers is hardly noticeable now. I now spend a lot more time playing and practicing than ever before, without having to think about the problem so much. I take it with me everywhere. The exercises don't take a long time to do , so it makes it easy to do almost anywhere. It fits in my carry on bag so I can have it with me all the time.

I can't say enough about, and a million thanks are in order, but I feel like that's not enough for what the FLEXTEND has done for me. In this business of music, confidence is of the utmost importance, the FLEXTEND glove is helping me get it back. Playing music is becoming fun again.


Dewayne McNight

Thomas Yockey - Golfer,

I developed RSI in 1998 and did not know what I was going to do. I searched the Internet and found FLEXTEND®. I spoke with one of their clinicians, who said the gloves would help. After buying them, I followed the program as outlined and my hands feel normal again. The gloves were the best investment I have ever made!

I have used FLEXTEND® for 6 years and they have kept my hands healthy and strong. Through the years, their clinicians have always been there to answer my questions, as they actually take the time to listen to you and recommend an exercise program for your specific injury. I highly recommend the FLEXTEND® gloves to anyone with RSI or just for regular exercise for your hands and forearms. I am a heavy equipment operator and also golf and lift weights. My hands are very important to me and I would never make it without my FLEXTEND® gloves.

Thomas Yockey

Illinois Junior Rodeo State Champ,
Chance Roberts

I am 13 years old and have been the Illinois Junior Rodeo State Champ in steer riding, in my age group, for the past two years. My dad got me "Flextend" for Christmas in 2003. After using it for only five weeks, my grip has increased considerably and I also have more strength in my wrist and forearm. The instructional video is very easy to understand and follow. It was my favorite Christmas present and I will always include it in my fitness workout. Thanks, Dad and "Flextend."

Chance Roberts - Illinois, USA

Dave Wakeling, Musician for General Public

View Profile: Dave Wakeling
View Website: www.davewakeling.com

Patricia Sarma, Rising Tennis Star

Patricia Sarma, Tennis Star

"My 13 year old daughter, Patricia Sarma, is one of the most promising up-coming players in Austria. She suffered terrible pains in her wrist with sharp pain shooting up her arm each time she tried to play tennis last summer. In our own country, we spent weeks and months visiting sport doctors, physiotherapists and several different hospitals that offered physiotherapy. No one could help her at all - this was the end of her tennis career.

After browsing through the Internet pages, looking desperately for some kind of help for this type of injury, I found the FLEXTEND homepage. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning however we received the FLEXTEND glove at Christmas time. Within one week the pain had already severely reduced. After following a therapy exercise program assisted by one of the In-House Clinicians, who I must say was absolutely fantastic, the pain had completely disappeared within 30 days. I can only recommend this product to anyone who has similar wrist injuries, as it is the only, I repeat the only, therapy.

My daughter is now playing tennis at the same standard as she did before this injury and this is all thanks to the team of helpful and knowledgeable people at FLEXTEND, USA."

Best Regards,

Jane Sarma
(Mother of Patricia Sarma)


Jane Sarma (daughter Patricia Sarma) 04/22/03

Scott Johnson, 2 time Olympian, 1984 Gold Medallist, Men's Gymnastics


"Gymnastics requires a tremendous amount of daily training and with that kind of intense training can come overuse injuries. As a coach and competitor I witness many gymnasts who lost training time due to hand and wrist injuries that can eventually require surgery without the proper care.

Over the past few years I have never witnessed a better product for preventing, as well as rehabbing, an athlete with these types of injuries. I highly recommend to my student athletes, colleagues and staff the FLEXTEND product. Even my front office staff have witnessed the advantages of using FLEXTEND for carpal tunnel syndrome resulting from typing.
This is truly a versatile product".


Scott Johnson



Professional Drummer, Charlie Morgan

(Charlie Morgan has played with many of the music industries best known names including: Elton John, Billy Joel and Cher.)

Charlie Morgan and Drums.

I am a professional drummer, with some 28 years of experience, both in the studio and on stage. When I recently began experiencing a number of physical problems directly connected with the stressful nature of my job, I began looking round for a solution to my problems.

I have always been aware that I should treat my job as if it was a professional sport. Many professional sportsmen are reaching the end of their career by the time they reach my age. But I was not prepared to lay down my sticks just yet. So I started using a number of proprietary supplements, and followed a regime of exercise, yoga and stretches.

While this helped my general fitness and well being, I was still having a lot of trouble with the muscles and tendons in my hands and arms. This was not made any better by the fact that I also use a personal computer for email and the Internet.

Since I was introduced to the FLEXTEND gloves, I have noticed a huge improvement in the mobility of my fingers and hands after playing! After using the gloves, I get a really satisfying "glow" in the back of my hands and arms. Inflammation and pain decrease as I feel the blood coursing through, helping to remove the buildup of waste products. I am no longer stiff and sore the morning after a gig. This really IS a workout for the muscles that are normally neglected by most other exercise programs.

Charlie Morgan

PGA Certified Golf Instructor -
Matthew F. McConnin

Matthew F. McConnin, PGA Golf Professional.

July 1, 2OOO

It has been great working with you and the FLEXTEND product over the last several months. The improvement in my right wrist has been incredible. As you know, my orthopedic doctor recommended exploratory surgery, but thanks to FLEXTEND, surgery is no longer needed.

The strength in my right wrist has greatly improved and the pain that was hampering me has virtually disappeared. As a PGA Golf Professional, my wrists play a vital role in a successful golf swing. It is a tremendous feeling to be playing golf pain-free again.

Flextend has not only been great for me in correcting an existing problem, but I highly recommend FLEXTEND for those interested in preventing hand and wrist injuries.

Please feel free to send any clients my way to talk about this product and how it might benefit them in their golf development.

Thanks for everything.

Matthew F. McConnin

Australian, Simon Tree - Bronc Rider, Photographer and Writer

I have been using the FLEXTEND ® system a good while now, and I still can't get over the results I am achieving. My injured left hand looks healthy and strong and I am able to use it more and more without it feeling fatigued.

As a tradesman, this has certainly helped me when working, as I tended to use my right hand for everything.

This overuse of my right side started causing trouble in my shoulder and neck, as one side became noticeably stronger than the other. Having the use of both hands now has certainly made life a lot easier and less painful.

As a professional saddle-bronc rider, where balance is a necessity, FLEXTEND ® has been a Godsend. A noticeable increase in grip strength in my left hand has enabled me to train harder than I ever have and subsequently my riding has risen to new heights. I have also seen FLEXTEND ® work for other rodeo athletes, rehabilitating injuries, increasing grip strength and even reducing scar tissue build up which had been plaguing a friends riding hand for years. There seems to be no limits to what FLEXTEND ® can do.

  I am confident I will achieve my goal of winning an Australian title within the next few years and I know that FLEXTEND ® has played a major role in my recent and future success. Thank you!

Simon Tree
Professional Bronc Rider

St. Victor - Professional Artist


As a rather prominent artist and passionate yet clumsy soccer player, I often found my livelihood in peril due to an all-to-frequent recurring wrist injury. However as a result of using FLEXTEND® in therapy to regain movement from the most recent setback, and for the past 6-months since, the strength in my wrists has not only recovered to their original status.but beyond. Now I once again play soccer with the same reckless abandon and disregard for the rules as I paint..

Saint Victor