FLEXTEND® w/ TFT KIT: Quick-Attach! EASY as 1-2!

Flextend TFT
1.) Select size of resistance band and attach to hooks.

2.) Place hook attachment onto FLEXTEND wrist ring and attach to specified finger for isolated training.

The FLEXTEND® WITH TFT KIT is a a tremendous training system for those suffering with Trigger Finger, Trigger Thumb, Blackberry Thumb, Tendonitis, DeQuervain's and other specific musculoskeletal disorders affecting the fingers or thumb.

For those performing single-finger exercises with the basic FLEXTEND® system, taking the band on and off to perform single-finger exercises can be time consuming. Now with the FLEXTEND® + TFT KIT you can just click in and click out, and you no longer have to remove the main resistance bands to perform the recommended exercises.

Check out the Trigger Finger Syndrome Questions and Answers Section of our website!

Use the FLEXTEND® with TFT KIT for the Following Disorders:
- Any Disorder Affecting the Finger or if General Strengthening is Desired for Individual Fingers.
- Blackberry Thumb
- Dequervain's
- Repetitive Strain Injuries Affecting the Fingers
- Trigger Finger
- Trigger Thumb

Use the FLEXTEND® with TFT KIT for Performance Enhancement:
- Increase Strength and Endurance Levels of the Fingers
- Baseball, Basketball, Football, etc.