FLEXTEND® / RESTORE™: As Easy As 1 - 2 - 3!

Flextend / Restore

1- Pick an Exercise Program
2- Put on FLEXTEND®
3- Perform Program (Only 3-5 Minutes)

The FLEXTEND® / RESTORE™ Reversible Training System is the latest model model introduced by BSI's innovative technology; replacing the previous single-side FLEXTEND®. The new reversible training system allows you to purchase and use only one unit as it fits both hands perfectly. The new FLEXTEND® / RESTORE™ is soon to be released in retail stores near you. until then, purchase online here or from one of our many dealers.

How does this system work? FLEXTEND® / RESTORE™ provides active stretching of the flexor muscles and active strengthening of the extensor muscles that cross the finger, wrist and elbow joints. This system also actively stretches and strengthens the supinator / pronator and radial / ulnar deviator groups of the hand and arm.

Using this incredibly simple training system on a regular basis effectively lengthens the short, restrictive, overdeveloped muscle groups while simultaneously strengthening the opposing weaker, underdeveloped muscle groups in order to help create more normal muscle strength and length ratios between agonist and antagonist alike. By creating equality of balance between the muscles in the fingers, hands, wrists and arms, you can help reduce unnecessary stresses to the soft-tissue structures around the finger, hand, wrist and elbow structures, and allow the body's natural heal process to work effectively. I know it sounds complex, but the product is easy to use, and what it accomplishes is incredible.

What Conditions Does FLEXTEND® / RESTORE™Correct?

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
- DeQuervains
- Dupuytren's Contracture
- Epicondylitis (Tennis and Golfer's Elbow)
- Guyon's Syndrome
- Performance Enhancement (Golf, Tennis, Gymnastics, Bowling, Racquetball, Rock Climbing, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Weight Lifting, and any other sport where strong hands and forearms are required.)
- Repetitive Strain Injuries (Finger, Hand Wrist and Elbow)
- Sprains and Strains

Sample Exercises Shown Below:

13 Total Exercises
10 Injury Specific Programs to Choose from
Only 1 - 4 Exercises per Program
Only Takes a Few Minutes a
Day !
- Money-back guarantee!