The Prevention and Treatment of Tennis Elbow In Tennis Players (Part-II)

Mechanism of injury: Tennis

Those suffering from Tennis Elbow are often those that play frequently, or for long periods of time, are highly competitive, have bad technique, especially in the backhand, (3) and are usually over the age of thirty-five. (4) Tennis Elbow is also common in adult beginners, especially those who have poor technique and insufficient musculature. (5) 

Therefore it is critical that the wrist extensor muscle group is strengthened in order to withstand forceful impact that would occur with a tennis backhand return from a direct serve and/or repetitious backhand returns with a lesser degree of direct impact force but again, are high in frequency. Technique is also equally as important, as correct hand, forearm arm and body positioning can significantly reduce the amount of stress imposed on the wrist extensors when performing a backhand.

Here is a simple breakdown of how the muscles of differing strengths become injured when using both poor and good technique:

1)      Weak extensors / supinator – normal impact

2)      Normal extensors / supinator – repeated normal impact and/or sudden, forceful impact

3)      Strong extensors / supinator – repeated high impact and/or sudden, extreme impact

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