What is the Best Treatment for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

What is Cubital tunnel Syndrome? Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is the compression of the ulnar nerve within the Cubital tunnel at the elbow joint.

What are the Symptoms of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?  The symptoms include paresthesia (pins and needles) and pain on the posterior, medial side of the elbow joint and numbness and tingling affecting the ring and little fingers.

How did I get Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?  In most cases, this type of repetitive strain injury is caused by a muscle imbalance due to extremely short, tight flexor muscles at their origin where they attach to the medial epicondyle, to about 3-inches below the elbow on the anterior, medial side of the elbow joint.  The overuse and resulting hypertonicity of the muscles that flex the elbow and allow pronation and ulnar deviation of the wrist are also to blame for the onset of this painful disorder.

Can Cubital Tunnel Syndrome be corrected?  Repetitive-strain.com explains that if the muscle imbalance is corrected, the elbow joint realigns and the compression of the ulnar nerve within the Cubital tunnel is eliminated.  Read Complete Article

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