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I have suffered for years with wrist, elbow and shoulder pain from too much typing. My arms have been put in casts, I've been on several series of steroid treatments and have had cortisone shots. Nothing has worked.I finally just gave up working for about five years. That helped as long as I didn't do any scrubbing, washing windows etc.

I finally got so bored I just had to return to work, and I just plain enjoy being a secretary. It didn't take long for the pain to start again. Surfing the web one day I ran across a site that I'm so glad I paid attention to. It's <http://www.flextend.com> and well worth looking into. I ordered their product (FLEXTEND®), which is a type of exercise glove, and have received wonderful benefits from it. I am pain free!

They will send information as well as a video to show you how these gloves work and why. I just wanted to tell people there really is help without surgery, which was the final option I was given. I'm so glad I turned that one down.

Mychal Sneed


"For patients with CTS and other Repetitive Strain Injuries, my success rate using FLEXTEND is nearly 100%."

Dr. Linda Harries


Source - Bottom of Page: Vitamin Research News, April 2003 Newsletter

Dear Dr. Dean,

I am increasingly troubled with tendonitis in my wrists and bursitis in my shoulder. Do you think that Unizyme might help? I am taking MSM with some success but I still have inflammation in my joints.

Ms. H.

Dear Ms. H.,

Unizyme may help. However, it is also very important to stop doing activities that may be aggravating the condition. Many household chores can be causing your symptoms—i.e., overuse injury. Try doing tasks with your other hand and arm. Or just let certain things go undone, if possible. Complete rest for a week or two may help.

Boswellia and Turmeric are anti-inflammatory substances that may also help. If the wrist pain is due to carpal tunnel syndrome, more aggressive therapy may help. I have found a combination of therapies to be helpful for carpal tunnel syndrome.

First, NewGrips, are adjustable pads that protect the fingers and palms in any gripping action. NewGrips are available from www.NewGrip.com.

Second, FLEXTEND gloves are a unique exercise device to strengthen the extensor muscles of the fingers, hand and wrist (the flexors are usually overworked in most cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, and the extensors are especially weak). FLEXTEND gloves are available from Balance Systems, Inc., 888-274-5444.

Ward Dean, MD


"There is no other device on the market, besides FLEXTEND, which properly addresses this serious musculoskeletal disorder (CTS/RSI)."

Dr. John Medeiros, PT., Ph.D.
(Dr. Medeiros is the manuscript reviewer for The Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy and is editor of The Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy)

"We are amazed with the immediate, and long lasting results our patients experience while using FLEXTEND !"

Blue Mountain Valley PT

"I find the product is excellent at preventing re-injury because it improves strength and muscle endurance, coupled with joint flexibility and stability which improves overall function and performance, thus enhances playing skills."

Dr. Preston Wakefield (Dr. Wakefield specializes in Musicians and Athletes)

*I am a student at Columbia University.  For the past four years I have suffered from all sorts of repetitive stress injuries in many parts of my upper body (hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck).  In addition to some postural training and stretching, I have recently decided to try Flextend.  From day one, customer support was easy to reach and extremely helpful.  With their help, I made a personalized exercise routine.  The routine takes only 5-10 minutes each day and the positive effects and improvements are apparent; Much less hand, wrist and elbow pain/discomfort (almost no pain whatsoever, only occasional soreness). Now, most of my pain comes only from my neck and shoulders and I am extremely eager to purchase the new AC addition, which will allow me to exercise my shoulder and neck regions.  I would HIGHLY recommend Flextend-AC gloves for those who are frustrated with other treatments and would like to try treating their injuries in a risk-free and effective way. 

Student: Columbia University, NY - 2005

*I am writing to enthusiastically endorse the effectiveness of the FLEXTEND® system for treating RSD and the outstanding support I've subsequently received from one of your clinicians..."

David Bayley

*It was during my physical therapy sessions that I learned about FLEXTEND®. If it were not for using the FLEXTEND® exercises, I would have continued to experience the painful discomfort caused by the two separate Trigger Finger surgeries.

Steve Roy
Insurance Broker

*I had suffered with medial epicondylitis in my elbow for 3 ½ years. The pain was so severe, that I could not even lay my newborn son in his crib. I had five cortisone injections to try and relieve my pain, but they did not help. I was at the end of my rope and was resigned to the fact that surgery was in my future. However, my doctor could not guarantee that after having the surgery that my pain would go away. I began surfing the Internet in hopes of finding something to help my elbow pain.

That's when I found FLEXTEND®. I purchased FLEXTEND® and also received an instructional video. I was also given a personal clinician contact at the company to help me through my progress. My clinician put me on an exercise program designed specifically for me based upon my symptoms. The clinician explained each exercise in great detail and also explained why the specific exercises would work for me. Trust me, the clinicians know their stuff. After 3 months of using FLEXTEND®, I saw a 75% improvement in my elbow. Not only that, but I also had someone to call who would actually listen to me, explain why I was having the pain in that particular area and then gave me additional specific exercises to get rid of the pain. After 6 months, my elbow was 95% better. It has now been a year and a half and my elbow is totally pain free. I am back to playing golf, lifting weights 5 days a week and loving it. Thanks to the clinician and FLEXTEND®; they saved me from a very painful surgery. I can honestly say that FLEXTEND® stopped my pain.

Dave Balsley

* I compliment you on a fine product for a difficult problem, RSI. I am a PT and experienced pain, numbness and progressive weakness due to overuse during deep manual massage and mobilization treatments. The FLEXTEND glove has worked very well. I have gained back strength and am able to treat patients aggressively once again. The nocturnal numbness has diminished greatly although not yet completely gone. Our clinic recently purchased glove for patient use and for the other PT's in the clinics to use since so many of them also experienced hand and forearm pain.

Congratulations on a great product and concept. For some reason I had never thought of Carpal Tunnel as a muscle imbalance. Once I saw your web site the light bulb has gone on and has continued on. More patients will be helped and hopefully many will be saved the problem in the first place by proactive use of your product. Also, great website presentation.

Malcolm Macaulay, PT, OCS

* I am extremely pleased with the effectiveness of the FLEXTEND glove in treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). For patients with CTS and other Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI's) of the forearm, wrist and elbow, my success rate using FLEXTEND is nearly 100%. I believe it is the only treatment modality that can treat CTS as well as prevent it from ever returning. As with any exercise program, patient compliance is critical. Most treatments for CTS are either expensive or time consuming but FLEXTEND takes just minutes a day, making it very patient friendly. FLEXTEND will change the way people view CTS. They will no longer think "surgery", they will think "FLEXTEND".

Dr. Linda Harries, DC

* I found your glove to be" like magic", just a few days of exercises and my wrist pain was gone, and stayed gone for weeks.

Dr. Don Ashley, M.D.

* I tried FLEXTEND even before a patient did. I figured that being the Doctor's wife gave me some priority!

I have been in pain for the better part of 8-years. Tedious tasks hurt. Hand labor hurt. I'm impressed at the improvement in both hands and arms in such a short period of time. This probably doesn't sound like a news flash to you, but it's life altering for me and you have my sincerest gratitude!

Nancy McGregor

* I would like to sincerely thank you people at Balance Systems, Inc. for your excellent product. out of desperation I tried your product because I had tried nearly everything else on the market and not much worked to alleviate my symptoms.
I had severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) for 10-years and had to go through retraining for another job and then was fired from that job because my hands were so bad that I couldn't even do minor tasks and unfortunately, my EMG tests always showed up negative. Nobody believed I had bad hands. When I tried your product my symptoms gradually disappeared, to my amazement, and I truly found the cause of my CTS problems.

Over the last ten years, I have been through hell trying to overcome this problem, and with your product, I can now lead a normal life and am thrilled to be able to work and have a normal life.

Again, thank you, you have literally saved my life!

This is a real life story and I haven't been paid to say this. I am only doing this to help other CTS sufferers, but you need to follow the protocol they have specified, or it may not work for you. I did the exercises for 3-months to achieve the desired results.

T. Kearns

* When I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel, surgery was not an option for me. I tried to live with it until holding a pen to write, opening cheese carton lids, sewing on a button and picking up small objects, became near impossible to perform. Constant pain finally led me to Blue Mountain Valley Physical Therapy seeking help for my problem. I am happy to report that after working with the P.T.'s and the "magic black gloves" (FLEXTEND), I can now perffrom the above simple jobs with ease and pain-free.

Hilda Hesse (Age-83)

* I have been using FLEXTEND a couple of months now, and it really helps. I have told a family physician friend about FLEXTEND.

Ernie Fontaine

* My Carpal Tunnel symptoms are almost totally gone in both hands! I've been using FLEXTEND for about 6-weeks. After 2-weeks, I started to notice a big change, and the last 2-weeks have been amazing. I've barely had any tingling at all in the last week! I even started playing guitar again and waxed my car yesterday with no trouble at all. I just wanted to share my good fortune.

Rick Handel

* I would enthusiastically recommend therapy with the FLEXTEND gloves to anyone with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or anyone wishing to prevent problems with their hands in the future.

Neil Busby

* I purchased a pair of your FLEXTEND gloves about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I love them, as they have been very beneficial to me. My arm pain during the day has decreased considerably. I still wear the wrist braces at night, but I look forward to being able to get rid of them, as my arms get stronger through the use of FLEXTEND. (I am a mailman and use my wrists thousands of times per day for sorting the mail in the office and then again sorting in the mailboxes on my route, which is primarily as apartment type route.)

Kevin Hawkinson

* The FLEXTEND gloves that I have been using have been a great help to me. I think it keeps me from having surgery. I can't believe how it has helped the strength in my hands. Thanks for this product!

Mike Robinson

* Thanks! I am a firm believer in the FLEXTEND gloves. I recently gave your name to a fellow dental hygienist who runs a "pain network". She is in contact with hundreds, if not thousands of professionals with problems that I believe the FLEXTEND gloves will help.

Karen Whelan
Dental Hygienist

* Before I started using FLEXTEND, my right hand had no use, and I was still experiencing the same symptoms I had before having surgery. Now that I have been using FLEXTEND on a regular basis, my right hand feels so much better, and my left hand is totally symptom-free! FLEXTEND has made a tremendous difference in my life in just two months. I am so grateful to FLEXTEND for improving my hands, and making me feel whole once again!

Liz Sanders
Patient Account Representative

* During the past year, the pain in my hands and wrists had caused my job as an office manager to become nearly unbearable. I was even told by healthcare professionals that I should change careers! But luckily, my husband learned about FLEXTEND from a Physical Therapist who used this product in his clinic. Since I started using FLEXTEND, I no longer have any tingling or numbness in my hands or arms, and I have gone from being in almost constant pain to being absolutely pain-free! Thanks to this new treatment approach, I did not have to undergo painful, expensive surgery to repair my hands. Now I am able to maintain my results and continue to improve with just a few minutes of easy exercises per day.

Rita Kaufman
Office Manager

* I have been extremely pleased with the results that I have achieved from using FLEXTEND. Today, I am working full-time, with the pain-free use of my right hand!

Shirlee Kehney
Director, Financial Services

* My wrists feel great due to FLEXTEND and the exercises it performs. Thanks for helping my hands feel better so that I may continue my work and hobbies pain-free!

Bruce Sturtevant
Bank Executive

* My hands are the most valuable tools I have. After an injury to my hands and wrists, I found myself in severe pain and unable to write, or play an instrument. I began using FLEXTEND along with the recommended exercises, and the results have been spectacular! Now that I am able to resume my regular activities, I continue to use FLEXTEND once a day as a warm up before playing or writing. The fact that my hands are at full strength again, and that I no longer fear the onset of disabling pain, is one of the greatest feelings I've ever experienced!

Gary DeCarrico
Guitar and Keyboard Player

* After being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 1 year ago, I started using FLEXTEND. Now my hands are stronger, more flexible and the aching in my hands has totally disappeared. I can now enjoy activities, which I previously avoided for fear of injuring my hands further. FLEXTEND has truly helped turn my life around!

Linda Koenig
Medical Transcriptionist

* FLEXTEND is, by far, the most effective therapeutic device we have ever used for the treatment of cumulative trauma disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome. We are amazed with the immediate, and long lasting results our patients experience while using FLEXTEND!

Blue Mt. Valley Physical Therapy Clinic

* I am a Veterinary Technician that specializes in dentistry, which requires me to hold small medical instruments, and perform precise, repetitive movements all day long. Due to this constant overuse, I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands, and I could not work for 30 minutes at a time without suffering from severe pain and/or numbness in my hands and wrists. Eventually it got so bad that it would wake me up at night and I was wondering if I was going to have to have surgery in order to stop the symptoms so that I could at least do my job. Then someone told me about the FLEXTEND exercise system. I started the easy exercises, not really expecting a lot, but as the days went by I noticed that I could work longer and longer without having to stop or take a break. Now I am only aware that I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when I go too many days without using FLEXTEND. Thanks for saving my hands!

Susan Elder,
Certified Veterinary Technician

* I've had Carpal Tunnel problems for 10 years, but until the last couple of years, it was something that I could live with. But during the past six months my symptoms had gotten so bad that I was thinking about whether or not I was going to have to have surgery. It had gotten so that my fingers would go numb 5-10 times a day and I had lost so much strength in both my hands that I thought I was going to have to stop performing procedures at the clinic that required grip-strength; like extracting teeth, and doing long surgeries. Even with short surgeries, my hands would go numb just about every time I started suturing because of the way I had to hold the needle. Bike riding and skiing were both very troublesome also, because my hands we be almost constantly numb.

Then I heard about FLEXTEND from a client of mine, so I bought a pair to try. After just two days of using them, my hands felt much better, and now that I've been using them for about three weeks (1 minute per day, 5-6 days a week) I am virtually free of symptoms. My fingers are now affected only about once or twice a week, and it is just a mild numbness lasting seconds rather than the former "totally dead" feeling that took much longer to go away. I've had no symptoms during the surgeries the last three weeks, and I even worked on my bike last week, repairing it, twisting wrenches and nuts with maximum hand strength for about 2 hours with no problems at all. A month ago I wouldn't have been able to do that sort of thing for 15 seconds without becoming disabled. FLEXTEND is so easy and effective, not to mention much less expensive than surgery, that I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am. Thank you.

Keith White, D.V.M.

* At the hospital where I work, we have used FLEXTEND to assist several employees who were experiencing severe symptoms of carpal tunnel. One of the employees had carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, but only had surgery on her least affected hand. (She experienced no relief from this operation.)
Then we heard about FLEXTEND and recommended that this employee try it out. So she started using FLEXTEND on her NON-OPERATED hand, which was actually the most painfully afflicted, and "WHAT A SUCCESS !" She then purchased another FLEXTEND in order to strengthen the hand that had been operated on. The UN-OPERATED hand, which was the worst of the two hands, has remained stronger and more flexible than the hand that WAS OPERATED ON! (She has also had "dramatic relief from the symptoms in this hand also.) She states that she "wished she had known about FLEXTEND earlier", and she continues to use FLEXTEND successfully a year later.

Another employee is using FLEXTEND on both hands and has experienced a great deal of relief from her symptoms. She uses a wrist support while sleeping some of the time, but the loss of grip-strength, as well as pain and numbness are nicely controlled with the regular use of FLEXTEND. She has been using FLEXTEND for 6-months, and has not had any work-loss time from her regular job.

Here at the hospital, we ask the employees who are issued the FLEXTEND gloves to do their exercises as a part of their regular job. We tell them, "The regular use of FLEXTEND is as much a part of your job as is washing your hands before touching patients, or newborn babies." FLEXTEND HAS BECOME OUR INITIAL THERAPY FOR EMPLOYEES WHO SUFFER FROM THE SYMPTOMS OF CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME.

We are getting ready to screen our employees in order to identify those who are experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel. We plan to set up an exercise area in the Physical Therapy Department where employees can go and use FLEXTEND during work time. We are eager for others to experience the same relief our employees experienced by using your product.

Thank you for all of your support, and for answering our many questions

Doris Tucker R.N.
Director of Employee Health / Infection Control

* Before using FLEXTEND, these are some of the everyday things that I hadn't been able to do because my hand and arm hurt so bad. Probably dozens of other things to... but it's sorta like "you never miss the water until the well runs dry"....just take it for granted.

I can :

  • Tie my shoes and fasten the buttons on my clothes.
  • Hold a cup by its handle.
  • Pull weeds and pick flowers.
  • Use a can-opener.
  • Hold and use my toothbrush.
  • Dial the phone and hold the receiver.
  • Pin and unpin safety pins.
  • Turn pages in a book or magazine.
  • Break and separate eggs, (Yolk from white or vice versa).
  • Can peel an orange or apple using a knife or my fingers.
  • Use scissors.
  • Use my fingers to type.
  • Hold an iron so I can iron my clothes.
  • thread a needle.
  • Swing my arms while walking, without any pain.
  • Use the manual shift so that I can drive my car.
  • Open jars with my hands.

    I am so thankful for the help and ease from hurting. Thanks oodles for getting me back in gear!

    Mrs. Smith (Age-85)

* I was referred to a Physical Therapy clinic by the Umatilla Army Depot Clinic for evaluation and therapy related to Carpal Tunnel in both hands.

I received treatment during 6-visits over a period of approximately four weeks. The treatment consisted of deep-tissue massage and the use of FLEXTEND. At this time I do three sets of 25 repetitions 3 times a day, increasing the tension periodically as I get stronger.

To date, I have had NO SYMPTOMS in either hand, including numbness, cramps, and/or seizures.

Thank you for your help.

Lewis A. Wilson
U.S. Army

* Your FLEXTEND product is absolutely fantastic! I haven't found a better engineered product. I've suffered hand/wrist problems (tendonitis/carpal tunnel syndrome) for almost a year. Exercise is the answer, but not any exercise. It must be the correct exercise(s) done the correct way. I believe FLEXTEND will help many sufferers of hand/wrist ailments. It has been my best friend the past few months. Keep up the good work and spread the good news about this unique exercise device.

With appreciation,

Edward Baidy

* I have been very pleased with the success I have achieved in using FLEXTEND. The condition of my hands has greatly improved since I began using it. Thank you for the high quality of service that I have consistently received from your company.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Mclean (Miss)

* "I have experimented with exercise regimens and exercise gadgets offered through various media for the relief of carpal tunnel syndrome, I also tried the vitamin B-6 therapy. Unfortunately nothing worked until I discovered Balance Systems, Inc. on the internet. I ordered a pair of their "FLEXTEND" gloves and within a few days I started to feel relief. I am completely satisfied with the results that the "FLEXTEND" gloves provided me. Also, I would rate their customer service FIVE STARS." "Thanks again for standing behind your product and being an honest company."


Jim Currie

* I find that your company, product, and instructional video are very professionally executed and of the highest quality.

Sincerely and God bless you,

David J. Schlosser


* Thanks! FLEXTEND is a wonderful product. Keep up the good work.

David Monroe

* Here at the hospital, we ask the employees who are issued the FLEXTEND gloves to do their exercises as a part of their regular job. We tell them, "The regular use of FLEXTEND is as much a part of your job as is washing your hands before touching patients, or newborn babies." FLEXTEND HAS BECOME OUR INITIAL THERAPY FOR EMPLOYEES WHO SUFFER FROM THE SYMPTOMS OF CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME.

Doris Tucker R.N.
Director of Employee Health / Infection Control

* I am very pleased with my FLEXTEND gloves and the way I have been treated by Balance Systems. I have seen a lot of improvement, but it takes time to heal and I am not healed completely yet. Without my gloves and exercises I'm sure I would be a cripple by now. When I get up in morning my hands are very stiff and my gloves always bring my hands back to almost normal again. By doing a few "Quick Breaks" with FLEXTEND during the day, I can continue to do almost anything I want. My grip is not tight but at least I can hold on to things now.  Most of all is the lack of pain in my hands and my getting full nights sleep without waking up. I no longer have to wear a brace on either hand. I highly recommend gloves to anyone willing to listen, including my doctor.

Rose, age 65
Fresno, California

* Many thanks for your recent e-mail and for your continuing interest in Isobel's condition. Fortunately I am able to answer in the affirmative and confirm her complete recovery from her otherwise debilitating condition.  Whilst she feels that her fingers are much improved, she still retains the glove and uses it on an increasingly infrequent basis.  Well-done Balance Systems!

We would also again express our appreciation to you personally for your support and concern throughout her period of discomfort.  You really do provide 'Customer Service' in the true meaning of the expression.

Should there be any change in her condition, we will contact you immediately.

Kindest regards,
Isobel and Jim Europe

* I have had my Flextend gloves since 2000 and they have saved my hands.

I am a transcriptionist. I began typing full-time from home in March of 2000. By June of 2000 I was in constant pain, had numbness in my fingers, loss of strength in my hands, and would wake up crying in the night with pain. I had gotten to the point where I had broken a number of dishes/glasses/etc. and I could no longer squeeze a tube of toothpaste. Driving was difficult as gripping the steering wheel and keeping my elbows and wrists in a static position for that length of time was painful. I had practically no life as on days I knew a client was sending dictation I did my best to do nothing with my hands to try and save them for work.

I was desperate for help and found the Balance Systems website. My budget was very tight at the beginning of my work adventure and I had to reduce my work due to the injury I was experiencing. I nervously ordered two Flextend gloves.

My life today is virtually pain free. I say virtually as there are days I do experience pain, like this summer when I put up a new fence digging 105 postholes and stringing 1000 feet of wire. You see, I'm still working as a transcriptionist, but I have also pursued my hobbies. Yes, on top of typing for a living, I do farm chores every day! What a turnaround. I am able to make a living and do the things I love. I know it's due to the Flextend gloves as if I miss a few days of using them I start to feel it.

One of the benefits of the Flextend gloves for me is the flexibility of the exercises that adapt to treat different areas of concern. I have dual impingement in the carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel at the elbow, with the cubital tunnel being more problematic. Using the Flextend exercises relieves my symptoms in both areas.

When my brother saw the gloves he ordered a pair of his own and is having great results. He had never even told me he was experiencing pain and numbness.

So that's my story. My only, only complaint with the gloves is the rate at which the bands wear out where they rub at the thumb and pinkie. The gloves themselves have stood up well to my five years of daily use.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Balance Systems and Flextend. I don't even want to think about what my life would be like without them!